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Deer Teeth and Copper Dangles, 3 inches long

Deer Teeth and Copper Dangles, 3 inches long

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This listing is for one pair of deer teeth dangles, measuring 3 inches long. Ear wire is hand fabricated sterling silver. Deer teeth are sturdy!!

All of the bone that I use to make jewelry is ethically sourced. Most of the bone is forest collected while on a hike. I also process roadkill, farmers will gift me bone from animals that have died on their property, or I purchase bone (not often) from people that I know have acquired bones in a humane way (like shed hunting). The way that I process bone depends on what stage of decomposition it is in when I find it. If it still needs a lot of clean up I will put the bone through water maceration, scrub the bone clean, and let it sit in hydrogen peroxide for a few days. No matter what stage I find the bone in it always gets at least a scrubbing and hydrogen peroxide bath. The end color of the bone also depends on how I came across the bone. Animals that have passed away and decomposed in full sun will have bone that is more bleached/white looking. Animals that have passed away in shade and sat in earth will have bone with a darker tint.


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