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Visit my booth at Boheme in Lawrenceville. Boheme is a collection of 30 local artists, makers, and vintage sellers. My jewelry is in the curio by the register - feel free to stop by and try things on.

ethically sourced bone jewelry, punk dangle, bone dangle, oddities jewelry, taxidermy art, taxidermy jewelry


Boheme Pittsburgh

5156 Butler Ave

Lawrenceville, PA, 15201

open daily from 12pm - 8pm




The next market I will be vending at is the Allentown Night Market; Saturday June 8th from 7pm to 11pm

About the Allentown Night Market

The Allentown Night Market is a most curious bi-annual artist and performance faire in Pittsburgh's Allentown neighborhood. The Night Market hosts over 100 unusual and offbeat artisans and crafters, live performances, food and beverage vendors all within 4 indoor/outdoor markets that sprawl the 800 block of Warrington Ave and Manton Way.​


Established in 2017 by The Weeping Glass Curiosity Shop in partnership with the Hilltop Alliance, The Night Market is in its 9th

bi-annual installment of bringing the strange and the unusual to the Hilltop.  The faire welcomes over 3000 visitors from all over the tri-state area in the Spring and Fall to shop, eat, drink, and be entertained in our unique neighborhood. ​In addition to the festivities, the Allentown Business District’s independent shops are open late with something special at each location for the evening’s event.   

Participating Neighborhood Businesses:

The Weeping Glass

Grim Wizard Coffee

Death Comes Lifting

Beer Bros

Inner Groove Brewing

Bottlerocket Social Hall


Maya Lovro Photography

Soil Sisters

The Open Road

Salon Ivy

The Culture Closet

Super Snack Mart



🖤 Creating art is so important. Your support makes a huge impact on our lives. Keep supporting small business 🖤