Ethically Sourced Bone Jewelry

hand crafted in the rustbelt



All of the bone that I use to make jewelry is ethically sourced. Most of the bone is forest collected while on a hike. I also process roadkill, farmers will gift me bone from animals that have died on their property, or I purchase bone (not often) from people that I know have acquired bones in a humane way (like shed hunting). The way that I process bone depends on what stage of decomposition it is in when I find it. If it still needs a lot of clean up I will put the bone through water maceration, scrub the bone clean, and let it sit in hydrogen peroxide for a few days. No matter what stage I find the bone in it always gets at least a scrubbing and hydrogen peroxide bath. The end color of the bone also depends on how I came across the bone. Animals that have passed away and decomposed in full sun will have bone that is more bleached/white looking. Animals that have passed away in shade and sat in earth will have bone with a darker tint.


Goat and Deer Teeth Gifted to me by Farmer Lynne from Dream Thyme Farms in Mercer, PA


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At my shop you will find bone from various different creatures // squirrel // snake // raccoon // canine // goat // and deer. I am most excited to use deer teeth to make jewelry because their bones are sturdy and abundant.


If you have any questions about the pieces listed or would like to custom order ethically sourced bone jewelry, you may contact me at