about the artist


Metalsmith, herbalist and RN living in western PA. I am passionate about reproductive rights, harm reduction work, and wild plant food and medicine. I spent years living in Virginia and North Carolina, immersing myself in plant medicine. I have always been interested in ways we can build autonomy in our communities. 

Witchhazel Jewelry is a one person artisan jewelry business. I run this business out of my apartment in Pittsburgh. I started making jewelry in my early 20’s, out of bone and found items. It was something I did for fun, and it was not yet a consistent hobby. I moved to Pittsburgh 6 years ago, and within the first year of living here I took “Intro to Metals” at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts in Shadyside. I have since then been working on my metalsmith skills through books, youtube tutorials, and online classes. My designs are influenced by vintage jewelry, 80’s fantasy movies, nature and industrial aesthetic. It can be described as having a dark femme quality. I still work with bone, and have incorporated dried plant material, copper, sterling silver, precious gemstones, and crystals into my jewelry box. I am particular about where I source my gemstones and crystals. I use only high quality stones to make jewelry. I incorporate a variety of gemstones into my work, but I am most often drawn to lapis lazuli, quartz, obsidian, onyx, and amethyst. I primarily work with copper and sterling silver metal. All of the ear wire I use for my earrings is sterling silver, even in the copper pieces. It is important to me that I only use ethically sourced animal bone. The bone I work with has either been gathered myself while on a hike or gifted to me in small batches from local farmers who have gathered the bone themselves. I do no support hunters or trappers by buying their bone. 

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